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    Lawyer Bremen, Advocate Bremen Korrespondenzanwalt Bremen Rechtsanwalt Findorff  
  Heinrich-Böll-Straße 3 representation at all german  
  D-28215 Bremen local and district courts* Rechtsanwalt Findorff  
Tel.: 0421-37649692    
Fax.: 0421-3783882 Office hours: Mo. - Th. 9.00 - 18.00
  E-Mail: Fr. by phone and by appointment  
    Secretary: Mrs. Annette Levin    Contact:   ■  Mo. - Do 8.30 - 17.00  
    Lawyer Bremen, Advocate Bremen    
      primary areas of expertise  
      Civil and Criminal Law, Labour Law, Traffic Law,  international legal relations,  
    Lawyer Bremen, Advocate Bremen Franchise Law, Franchise-Management & Franchise-Mediation.  
  Oliver Tieste corporate citizenship  
  Dr. Tieste Instructor on German Law (LL.M. programme) at the University of Bremen  
  OLIVER TIESTE Habilitationsschrift (publication for Professorship) in Civil Law and Labour Law    


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Dr. Kerstin Tieste


Rechtsanwalt Schwachhausen, Rechtsanwalt Finndorff, Rechtsanwalt Walle, TIESTE, Tieste, Oliver Tieste

TIESTE, Tieste, Oliver Tieste, Rechtsanwalt Bremen